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Belted Galloways

Homestead Belties

The cutest little oreo cows you’ve ever seen

Belted Galloways are a heritage breed of cattle, originating in the Scottish Highlands. They are primarily raised for their excelled marbled beef, though they are also sought after to adorn pastured with their striking appearance, though we wouldn’t know anything about that.


Homestead Belties are 100% grass fed beef, and have been raised organically from birth.  We are seeking organic certification of our herd now, but in the meantime we are proud to be raising cattle the way nature intended, with natural pasture forage, clean water, and free reign to run around with their friends.


Our herd consists of mostly heifers, but also occasional steers that we will plan to slaughter and process.  If you would like information on purchasing 100% natural grass fed beef from us, email cyrus@parkerhomestead.com for slaughter times and rates.


Our herd currently includes 6 members, Blasty Gun and Whatsherface (about 12 and 15 months, respectively) Khal Drogo, Big Mama 1, Big Mama 2 and Stuffy.