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Homestead Boys at Sorghum Harvest Time

Building the Covered Bridge

We take sledding seriously at  Homestead!

Homestead Love, ca 2003.

Just another day of field trips at Parker Homestead! If you’re counting, that’s 17 buses.

Well, it rained Memorial Day.  That didn’t dampen our spirits!



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Hay balin’

Just a couple of Homestead kids playing with Newbie.

Winter Wonderland, Homestead Style.

Happy Labor Day! Homestead traditionally cooks sorghum for the first time each season on Labor Day Weekend. 

On Plow Days, Homestead has mule teams out to work the ground up and ready it for the spring planting season.  This picture shows the mules working up a potato patch.

Caroline Parker and her Daddy, Cy, share a quick rest on the Broom Shed porch.  Notice Phil is mixing broomcorn in the background and Caroline has hay in her hair from a romp in the barn loft.

Homestead Blacksmith Carl serves double duty, throwing the bundled cane onto the conveyor belt to be squeezed.

It just seems like that sorghum trailer stays full! Blacksmith Carl, Sorghum Supervisors Phil and Mark, and Cy and Kyra (pink shoe) all take a quick break from the heat.

Finally done! This is one happy crew.

The sorghum is travelling up the conveyor to be squeezed.

There it is! Raw sorghum juice is green as tree frogs! This is the what the juice looks like when it goes into the pan to cook.

The steam coming off the sorghum while cooking makes it hard to get a good picture, but you can’t beat the smell! Notice Kyra is wearing her National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association Tshirt!

Reconstruction of the Foust House– you can see the School in the background.

Phil, Teressa and Cy won Arkansas Delta Byways Entrepreneurs of the year, 2000.

Be sure and check back, as we will be uploading more pictures soon!

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Welcome to Parker Homestead!

Gets kinda noisy around here sometimes!

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

1st harvest of the 2010 Homestead Broom crop!

Man, does Aunt “T” make some great kettle Corn!

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