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Want to schedule a field trip? Have questions about renting the grounds for a girls’ retreat? Want to have a church social or maybe find out about specifics of festival?  We can help! Send us an email at info@parkerhomestead.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do you have an item you would like to donate? Know of a building out in the middle of nowhere you think we need to salvage?  Want to order supplies or materials from us or ask where we get ours?  Email cyrus@parkerhomestead.com and Cy will be more than happy to help.


Have a question about educational frameworks? Want to know about scheduling Homestead to come to your classroom and present material? Are you interested in grant information that may help your school?  Email maryanne@parkerhomestead.com to get the information you need.


Parker Homestead

16738 Homestead Road

Harrisburg, AR 72432

Phone: 870-578-2699

Fax: 870-578-2699

E-mail: maryanne@parkerhomestead.com