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Thank you for visiting our website~  Our 2013 fall event schedule was super successful, we appreciate your support!


2014† Schedule


September 24-26, October 1-3

Homestead School KidsĖ Students from all over Northeast Arkansas converge upon the Homestead for 6 days of learning and fun! Hands on stations take students through Arkansasí pioneer days.† Teachers click here to reserve your studentsí spot.†


October 11-12, 18-19 Homestead Festival

This is our big annual event! Sorghum cooking, butter churning, kettle corn popping, broom making, covered wagon riding and more are featured annually at this family friendly festival.† Visit our facebook page here for pictures of festivals past.


December 13 Holidays Wine Tasting

Homestead is hosting its fifth annual Holidays wine tasting. Cabins will be opened and decorated for Christmas, with different wines and foods in each. Lights will be hung, bonfires will be roaring, and the store will be open for Christmas shopping.  Price is $25 per person, and reservations are required.  Click here for more information or to make a reservation. 

Thanks so much for visiting our website!!!† Donít forget facebook!








Parker Homestead 2014 Events